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From start to finish.


(Writing, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Videography)

The Need: An announcement video for the start of a virtual subscription service for tumbling education.

The Solution: A multi-faceted video involving written dialogue, brand-oriented motion graphics, logo design, and intentional video information. We wanted to relay the breadth and volume of knowledge and experience the client had in their respective field. We picked a sport inspired logo design and a deep navy blue for the color, avoiding the stereotypical dramatic modern sports colors. We felt that the deeper blue, gave the design a wiser and more mature feeling.


(Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Videography)

The Need: An animated intro for a reoccurring series. A series produced by a fitness brand on Instagram.

The Solution: We needed to establish presence with this piece. Something professional, approachable, and fun all at the same time. The fitness brand is an educational one in the fitness niche, so we wanted it to feel as down to earth and helpful as possible.


(Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Music)

The Need: An overarching intro for a channel that specializes in video game content. 

The Solution: The client expressed that they do a lot of simulation games, where you are simulating some sort of realistic activity. We wanted to transport the viewer through a simulation through the intro to what it would feel like to be the client playing the simulation games. But we made all video game references generic enough, so the intro could fit whatever content it needed.


(Graphic Design, Motion Graphics)

The Need: A simple modern video intro for a podcast.

The Solution: The client's platform had a train theme that did not seem to quite fit the sports content that the podcast covered. It was an old locomotive, hardly fitting of sports. We decided to keep the train aspect because of the client's sentimental attachment to the concept and name. But revamped the train to a modern bullet train and included what content you could expect through the animation. 

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